The first step to joining the Morn platform is to register on the platform.

What are the rest of the steps and how long does it take? In this guide, you will learn about the remaining steps for you after registering on the platform.

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What is after registering in the flexible platform?


Registering on Marn platform does not mean you will directly join the platform, and this is the information that is important to you to answer the question “What after registration?”:


After registration, you will go through these stages:


  • Wait for our Marn staff to review your details and make sure there are opportunities in your city.
  • If the conditions for the validity of your data and its suitability for the available opportunities are met, you will move to the interview and testing stage.
  • This is followed by an appointment for an interview and a test (this stage may take some time).
  • After you have successfully passed the interview and test, you will be asked to register for the Marn App.
  • In the app, available opportunities will be displayed.
  • The job seeker can easily apply for these opportunities within the application and start the journey of acquiring additional income and new skills.


Conducting the personal interview with the Marn platform

  • Conducting the interview is a prerequisite for admission to the Marn platform.
  • A personal interview is a video-recorded interview of no more than 5 minutes.
  • In the interview you will have to answer some written questions, and you will not talk to someone face to face.
  • The interview will be conducted via the Spark hire website.


How do you succeed in performing the personal interview?

  • Make sure to open your device’s camera and look serious.
  • Sit in a quiet and tidy place.
  • Make sure your voice is clear in the recording.
  • Answer the questions.
  • List your previous experience and the job title of the jobs you worked in previously, if any.
  • If you have a health card issued by the municipality, mention this in the interview.
  • Make sure to perform the interview within 24 hours of receiving the invitation to perform it.


How do you use the Spark hire website?

  • Spark Hire is a simple, easy-to-use job interview site.
  • Use Google chrome browser
  • When registering on the site, use the personal email to which you received the message of invitation to perform the interview from the Marn platform.


You will receive in the email of the invitation to perform the interview a video explaining how to use the Spark hire website as well as how to perform the interview and its questions.


Have you done the interview? Now you are ready to move on to the next step of watching the test preparation video.


Watching the test preparation video


After the interview, you will have to watch a short video clip that you will find a link in the email sent to you. The video helps you prepare for the entrance test on the platform.


The contents of this video include:


  • Marn platform application and how to use it.
  • How to access and accept available jobs.
  • How to receive salary.
  • Classification of available jobs.
  • Laws and rules of flexible work that you should be aware of.


Taking the admission test on Marn platform


  • Testing is the last step that separates you from joining Marn platform.
  • The test consists of questions that measure your understanding of the concepts of flexible work and the way to work on Marn platform.
  • You will perform the test by writing answers to questions online.
  • To succeed you need your score to be greater than or equal to the required minimum number of correct answers.
  • You can repeat the test more than once.


What is after taking the test?


After the interview and the test, you will have to wait for the result to be accepted or rejected. You will receive the result in the same email.