State of Saudi flexible work market [monthly reports]

Helping investors and Saudi business managers to make data-driven decisions has always been a priority for Marn.


To do this, Marn relies on its popularity and authority as one of the biggest flexible work platforms in Saudi Arabia to present its clients and the public with accurate specific data on the trends and updates of temporary employment, hourly flexible work, and part time jobs in the Saudi market.


Every month, Marn’s department of research and data issues this report to highlight updates and trends related to these aspects:

  • Average hourly pay.
  • Women participation at the Saudi flexible work market.
  • Highest flexible work demand by business category.
  • Most ordered hourly job specialties for male and female workers.
  • Most active days of the week.
  • peak of hourly shifts activity during the day.
  • Average of hourly shift duration.


State of Saudi flexible work market in August 2022


Main updates:

  • Coinciding with the back to school season in Saudi Arabia, Retail has been the most active business sector in terms of ordering hourly flexible workers.
  • Abha is August’s highest paying city per flexible work hour.
  • Women participation in the market of hourly work has risen to 34%.
  • Data shows the seller job has been the most sought hourly job by businesses during August. Sellers help retail businesses all year, and their effort is more crucial during back to school season.


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State of Saudi flexible work market in July 2022


Main updates:

  • The Hajj sector has overtaken the lead of most active businesses in terms of acquiring seasonal workers.
  • Arar is July’s highest paying city per flexible work hour.
  • Game operators has been the most needed hourly workers, which can be explained by Al-Adha Eid season. On the other hand, receptionists has been the highest paid in terms of flexible hour rate.

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** This Report is monthly published by the Research and Data department at Marn Platform.

** Information contained in the report is current as at the date of the report and may not reflect any event or circumstances that occur after or before the date of the Report.

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